Youth STAR

Training for leaders, teachers and caregivers working with youth in challenging times.

Youth STAR training provides training and materials for those who work with 14- to 18-year-olds who have experienced violence and trauma. Developed with input from trainers who work with youth in post-disaster settings in the U.S. and around the world, the training includes information and materials on trauma awareness, conflict transformation, and restorative justice.

These topics are presented as strategies for breaking the repetitive cycles of violence in individuals and communities and building resilience.

Youth STAR aims to enable adults to increase youth’s knowledge in these areas and enable young people to engage in building peace in their immediate environment as well as in their larger communities.

This training provides training for adults who work with youth, as well as a framework that:

  • Identifies causes of trauma
  • Explains trauma responses
  • Enables youth who have experienced trauma to connect with their feelings and identify ways of healthy coping
  • Provides support in moving towards healing from trauma
  • Identifies ways to build resilience
  • Teaches violence-prevention, thus helping break the cycle of re-traumatization [or “of further trauma”]
  • Shows approaches to building healthy communities after traumatic experiences

For more information about Youth STAR or other training opportunities, contact the STAR office at or 540-432-4651.