Why women?

Women’s involvement and leadership at all levels of society is critical to addressing the interconnected challenges of peace, security, governance, and development. However, in many parts of the world the visibility and impact of women peacebuilders is missing. Experienced women peacebuilding practitioners from around the globe partnered with EMU to create WPLP as an answer to the worldwide underuse of women’s knowledge and skills in preventing, transforming, and healing conflict.

Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership Program

Women's Peacebuilding Leadership Program of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding of Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia

The Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership Program envisions regional networks of women leaders equipped to respond to conflict and build peace. To this end, WPLP offers contextualized peacebuilding leadership education and mentored practice designed to bolster regional cohorts of women peacebuilding leaders.

The Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership Program offers:

  • Graduate-level practice-based peacebuilding education designed to meet the needs of women in conflict zones
  • A graduate, undergraduate, or training certificate in peacebuilding leadership from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University
  • Cohort-based education with other women peacebuilders from the same country or region
  • Two periods of residential education consisting of seven weeks in the US and two weeks in-region
  • A distance learning course that connects and supplements the residential education piece
  • A mentoring component that enhances application of theory and practice

The Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership Program educates women in conflict analysis, prevention, and transformation through classes that focus on practice-based methodologies. Contextualized content and real-world examples experienced in the classroom are bolstered by mentored practice in the field. Through these components participants integrate content and practice with the end goal of transforming relationships and structures in ways that address the root causes of conflict at both local and global levels.

Women’s peacebuilding leadership news

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