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Music in Vienna

String Quartet

Tonight we attended a concert at a place where Mozart used to live and play. It was incredible! The members of the string quartet enjoyed the music they played and they were precise in everything that they did. Every note was in its place. It seems to me that Austrians greatly appreciate classical music and consider it to be an important part of their culture. I was amazed at how dedicated the string quartet members were. The acoustics were wonderful. You don't see many small scale performances like that in America. I am glad that we were able to attend the concert tonight and experience a different type of musical setting than what we are used to.

-Amy Bowman

A Sunday morning in Vienna

As we sit in the chapel a hush falls over the people. Soft music begins to play and then the sound of young voices fills the air. I smiled to myself thinking of how fortunate I was to be listening to these talented young boys. This was a worship service where they were praising God. It was wonderful. I got so wrapped up in the moment. The solos were amazing and they hit the high notes with amazing clarity. After the service they filed out in their navy blue uniforms to sing for the tourists. Their small bodies did not match the enormous amount of talent you heard. I was surprised afterward when I saw them posing for pictures with the tourists. They would smile and wave. They were so cute we all just wanted to take one home. This has been a highlight for me. I still cannot believe we saw the Vienna Boy's Choir; a rich part of Austria's musical history!

-Adria Arnold


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