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Sunday, February 23

Today is the last Sunday I will spend with my family here in Guatemala City. I don't know how to exactly express the gratitude I feel toward them, but I am definitely going to try my hardest on Tuesday! It is going to be so hard to say goodbye. I try not to let myself think about it.

On Saturday, I awoke to the sounds of geese right outside my door and the boys yelling as they helped my mom and their mom clean out the pens where the geese live. Since Doa Luci (the mama goose) just had baby geese last week, she lives with them in a separate pen. After I got some good pictures of the geese and them, Angelica [my host mom] and I went to her grandma's house in San Pedro. Her grandma and aunt wear the traditional dress, but Angelica doesn't. It is interesting how much change has taken place from just a couple generations ago.

When we got back, the boys were so excited! They wanted to play cards and play with the gansitos (goslings). I taught them some new games. Though they love to play, they get especially excited whenever I mix the cards! They think I am a professional card player! I just laugh! I think it's absolutely hilarious.

This morning I went to the market again with Enrique (my host dad) and Angelica. We bought food, especially for lunch, because we had company. The cousin of Enrique and a former student of Enrique's were invited. Cory, from Canada, lives here now. The five of us had a wonderful time together with Enrique and Angelica's invitation. We ate fish (thankfully Angelica ate my fish head), broccoli (my favorite!), rice, and salsa and of course, tortillas. It was wonderful!

--Kari Hochstetler

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