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Jaguar Creek

Wednesday, March 5

I have really enjoyed being here in the rainforest at Jaguar Creek. Granted it gets a little hot and humid, but that's the beauty of having an independent project that involves walking around in the creek.

Today we, Erica, Ben and I, took a mosquito net down to the creek as well as some nuts with a husk that come from a palm tree. Ben would stand upstream with his knife cutting off parts of the smelly white flesh found under the husk, while Erica and I held the net underwater downstream trying to catch the fish as they came up for the food. For the most part, it was a hilarious process with lots of laughter and teasing, which probably didn't assist our cause. However, we did eventually catch a small but very pretty, silvery fish that we cut open later to reveal that it eats mostly plants.

This morning I went on a walk to aesthetically appreciate the secondary forest we are located in. I took the Loop Trail that we went on last night, where we had no luck seeing anything, and I took my small notebook and a pencil to draw many of the things I saw. It was a lot of fun to do this, especially since I like to speculate about the function of different types of plants and animals. Basically, why did God create that lizard to look like that?

I think that the other walk I took today was pretty neat as well. Doug, Nathan, and I walked a long, hot time down the road to Blue Hole National Park where we walked their trails through the vegetation and lots of limestone cliffs to get to the observation tower. From there, we could look out over the plains and the distant jagged limestone mountains that remind me of the sharp limestone found in the creek.

-Hannah Zehr

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