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Mixco Viejo

On 1-15-03, for the afternoon, our group traveled almost two hours by private bus (van) to some ancient Mayan ruins called Mixco Viejo. Felipe, a worker here at CASAS, went with us and when we finally got there he explained the purpose and history of some of the ruins there. Not only were the ruins themselves a rewarding site, but also the view of all the mountains surrounding them, as well.

We had about an hour to explore the places where Mayans once lived and played various games. We also saw the observatories where they calculated the seasonal cycles and other environmental occurrences.

On the way back, we were greeted by a great view of Guatemala City, from atop one of the surrounding mountains. This trip helped to bring the group closer together with many good laughs, even though it also brought the first few cases of traveler's sickness. Since the trip was also long, it gave many the opportunity to experience the public buses after dark and at a very busy time. This parallels the many new experiences and sites we see each day here in Guatemala.

- Caleb Stitely and Brian Yoder

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