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Orientation & Travel

On the last flight, from Dallas to Guatemala City, I sat next to Hannah Zehr and a man that was orignally from Gautemala. It was such a blessing. We spoke in Spanish almost the entire 3 hour flight. He lives in Colorado, but doesn't know hardly any English. He was traveling back to Guatemala because his mother died. She lived in Califorina for ten years, but went to Guatemala to visit and died while there. He was obviously very upset. He then shared that his father also died one year ago. He asked Hannah and I if we had parents. We both replied that we do. He looked at us with sad eyes, nodded slowly, and although I don't remeber his exact words, the message was clear: Be thankful for your parents, love them, cherish, and hold hold tight the time that you have with them. I hadn't reached Guatemala yet and I was already learning life lessons.

-Rebekah Miller

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