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Europe: Reformation Switzerland and Renaissance Italy
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Journal 3

September 18 - 19

Stepping our of our youth hostel door, the first sight of Salzburg that I saw was the famous castle, Festung Hohensarzburg. Set high on a hill, the castle looms over the entire city. You can see the castle from almost any point within Salzburg. After seeing the castle throughout the day I could better understand why the feudal system worked for so long. Peasants and serfs could always see the castle and know that they were protected. Even though the noblemen who lived in the castle were better off, it was almost a paternal system.

Walking down the hill away from the castle we came to St. Peter's Cathedral and a graveyard. Both were gorgeous and filled with people-probably because it was a Saturday and the weather was perfect. Next we found our way to Mozart Platz which had a statue of Mozart (who else?).

We passed the fountain that was in the Sound of Music, which reminds me-I had to hear songs from the movie all day by a certain Beth, Ash and Katie. Every ten feet a chorus of "I think that was in the movie" erupted. And, oh, did I mention that our youth hostel played the Sound of Music every night at 8pm? Yes, we did have to watch that since the tour was four hours long and too expensive. THANK GOODNESS!

- Zach Bower