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France and Benin 2005

Journal 11

It’s hard to think that I have been in Africa for about four weeks now! A year ago I had never heard of Benin or even knew where in Africa it was, and now here I am, living with a family and having an amazing time!

From the moment I wake in the morning until the minute I fall asleep at night I’m constantly observing everything! I live outside of Cotonou in Cocotomey with the Soglo Family. Every morning my host mother and I take the same road into town to get to school, and every morning I see something new, but one thing remains the same, I’m usually the ONLY Caucasian in ALL the intersections. I don’t mind being the minority, it’s an occasion I have never experienced at home and though it feels a little odd, it’s a fun change.

The hospitality here is amazing! I have already been invited to come back and visit my family here and I am determined to do just that! I am loving my experience here in Benin and I’m excited to visit Ghana and Togo in the next few weeks. West Africa is amazing and if I had to encourage a cross cultural experience I would most defiantly suggest coming here. This experience will be something I will keep with me for as long as I live. Africa is an amazing and interesting place and I have quickly grown to love and respect everything that I have been exposed to. --Sabrina Tusing