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India – Spring 2007

Journal 17 - March 30 - April 1

We finished our first week of classes. It sure is different to be attending classes and have a pretty regular time. Also this week was filled with a lot more free time than most of us have been used to. That was filled with Hindi homework though.

This weekend we went on a houseboat on a tour of the backwaters. We got on the boats Saturday afternoon. We had six different boats, so we got to be split up into smaller groups. The boats were very nice and relaxing. We spent the day just reading and soaking up some sun. In the evening the boats docked and we ate supper and docked for the night. We then headed back at breakfast time. It was a short weekend trip, but it was very nice to be able to get away from the center and have a relaxing time on the backwaters.

- Amy Miller