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India – Spring 2007

Journal 4 – February 4

With great anticipation we woke up early on Saturday to go meet our camels for a three day camel safari through the desert of India. When we arrived at the site where the camels awaited us, I was greeted by an excited guide named Ali, who insisted that I ride his camel for the next three days. After only a few short minutes on the camel I was told that my camel was named after the king of pop music, Michael Jackson. Our first day of riding through the desert was a slow day of riding to get us accustomed to feel of riding a camel with frequent breaks to rest our aching bottoms. As many of us sat around talking during one of the breaks we all agreed that the desert of India was not at all what we were expecting. Many of us were expecting a desert like the Sahara Desert, with large rolling sand dunes and no site of life anywhere. However the desert of India is completely different. There are sand dunes but they are very small and are few and far between. Primarily the desert of India is rocky dry soil with surprising amounts of vegetation spread throughout. Even though it was not at all what anyone was expecting we all agreed that is was still a beautiful place to be for three days.

In the evenings after long days of riding on the camels we would arrive at our campsites. We slept in tents that manned two people and surprisingly at night not to many of us complained about getting cold in the tents. Our guides took really good care of us for three days in the desert providing exceptional meals. There is no doubt in my mind that the highlight of everyone’s day in the desert was at night sitting around the campfires singing praise songs and just talking to each other about anything and everything that we could think of to talk about.

Even though at the end of the camel safari I was glad to be off my camel and get some rest, I know that those three days in the desert on a camel safari will definitely be one of the highlights of my trip to India. I can not wait to see what else India has to offer to our group.

Jared Byler