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India – Spring 2007

Journal 5

On February 4 th, we went to St. Matthews Pentecostal Church in Udaipur. It was a Hindi and English service so everything said in one language had to be translated to the other. They sang both Hindi and English songs including a few familiar ones, which was nice. Michelle, Justin and Joe got up and shared about why we were in India and church life back home. Our group also sang two songs in front of the whole church. It was a fun experience as they were very enthusiastic in their worship. That afternoon, a bunch of us went to see the Bollywood movie, Salaam e-Ishq, which had no subtitles but we got the gist of the plot from our tour guides.

On Tuesday the 6 th, several people rode bikes through the streets of Udaipur while others visited a hospital. The bike ride was an adventure in itself, having to constantly guess the random traffic patterns, crowded streets and honking. We all managed to get through it without any accidents.

We left Udaipur for Pushkar on Wednesday where we enjoyed a cold, refreshing, night swim at the hotel. We continued traveling on Thursday for New Delhi. It felt almost like coming back home after our travels in Rajasthan. The next few days are mainly free days where we went shopping, ate at Pizza Hut or Subway, went to a movie theatre, or just relaxed. We also had someone come to talk to us about India’s religions and politics. It was a good end for our first adventure, the second one – the one to the East – begins February 11 th.

-Jason Horst