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Journal 6

February 18

The Story of Julian Garcia Vasquez

Here sits a man whose face tells no age,
But in his fifty years he's seen the worst of man's rage,
Seen the worst of man's hatred, his evil, his killing,
He's seen pregnant women slaughtered and children's blood spilling.
Here sits a man speaking in quiet, steady tones,
"We had no food, our bodies were worn to fragile brittle bones.
I lost two family members in the span of two weeks."
The voice of this man somehow strong, somehow meek.
A man too exhausted, he had no tears left to cry,
But if his story's shared the faces of this world won't remain dry,
Tears will flow over this earth and wash away all this madness,
This injustice, this violence, this ignorance, this sadness.
How does he live? Could he forgive? Now that his life is somewhat stable?
Thirteen students with quiet respect sit and listen round his table.
Here sits a man who can never forget,
Vivid violence is etched in his memory but yet,
This man is sitting here, a living reminder that humans can survive,
And by telling his story he keeps hope alive,
Hope that someday we'll value each living soul,
Enough to give of ourselves until this broken world is made whole.

- Adam Shank
Written after hearing a personal testimony by Julian Garcia Vasquez about
his experience during the 36 year civil war in Guatemala.

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