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Latin America 2005

Journal 8

Friday April 8, 2005

Leaving the daycare was quite difficult. But the last day was a day I'll never forget. The other teachers in mine and Jodi's classrooms put on a skit for us and it was too great. They were so hilarious, the two of them did a phenomenal job acting like little children and then Liz and Lois (who we became the closest to) came in and announced themselves to be Jodi and Jen, volunteers from the United States, and then they calmed the kids down and made us look good. No, but it really meant a lot that they did that for us. And then they asked if any of the kids wanted to say anything for us. Liz grabbed the one girl, Michele, and told me how earlier that day she randomly said; "¿Sabes que? Te quiero Profe Jenny mucho." That definitely brought the tears to my eyes. Then she also said how she would like to give me a flower and a cake. It was so precious, I got so many hugs from the kids too. Even from a little boy that I didn't think liked me very much. Leaving all the people we worked with was really tough too, but our goal is to keep in touch with them. It's so crazy how you can get so attached to people in such a short time. And, even though it's hard to leave them, I feel really blessed to have met each one of them.

Journal by Jen Erb

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