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Journal 1

January 18, 2006

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It’s easy to see the immense potential for growth on this trip. It’s been less than a week and I’ve been encountered many things that challenge me to grow. Living with families is the hardest and best part of being here. Everyone’s Spanish is improving and it’s exciting to watch. As scary as it is at times we’ve all decided to take the buses by ourselves tomorrow, without someone from our community to assist us in getting to the right stops, etc.

I look forward to going to CASAS everyday because the view from the roof is amazing. We are surrounded by volcanoes and beautiful mountains. Our Spanish teachers are a lot of fun and our classes are small which makes for better learning.

We had our first lecture today and what the man had to say made me question if there is any reality in hoping for a better world. The people in Guatemala and other countries in Latin America for that matter are in desperate need of land reform
All this to say this adventure, as I like to call it has already proven to be one of great challenge and growth.

-Lisa King