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Summer Cross-cultural Program


Cross-cultural seminar: Summer 2007

This is a unique study seminar in the Mediterranean for undergraduate students, seminary students, church leaders and others interested in globalization and missional leadership. By exploring the Roman Empire with Paul the Christian Roman citizen, the challenges and opportunities for leadership for Christian American citizens within the changing world of globalization will be examined.

The seminar includes one week of land transportation from Istanbul to Bodrum, one week living on board a Turkish gulet (wooden sailing/motor yacht with guest accomodations for a small group) exploring ancient and contemporary culture along the southern turkish coast, and one week of backpacking in rural Turkey on the route of Paul's first missionary journey between Antalya and Antioch.

*Estimated Cost: $3,300

Semester Leaders: Linford Stutzman

Dates: May 2007

Enrollment: 12 Students

Course Credits: 3 semester hours


*Due to fluctuating airfare and exchange rates, EMU reserves the right to adjust the cost of the seminar up to the date of the trip deposit.