New Zealand 2005

Journal 5– Festival on Cuba Street


Gallery 3 Gallery 3 Oh the joys of festivals: the food, entertainment, crazy live music, people that look like vampires sitting from roof tops and a parade of scantily clad women.

That's right, parades have now found a way for people to stand for an hour and watch floats drive by at annoying slow speeds. Actually, I found the parade to be fun. There was a ton of different floats that were decorated to show the diverse ideals, beliefs, and communities that Wellington is made of. The bands also were great to watch. There were bands dressed in suits to bands that wore short shorts and puffy shirts addressing their views and entertaining the masses. The whole atmosphere was just great to be in because it was a chance to be truly immersed in the NZ culture while having fun experiencing the night life and a festival at the same time. A festival is when you can see the true colors of a community and really appreciate what it has to offer.

~ Dustin Eby


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