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Summer Cross-cultural Program


Cross-cultural seminar: Summer 2007

Cuzco, Perú, the ancient capital of the Incan empire, lies nestled in the midst of the Andean mountains of Perú at an altitude of 11,000 feet. Modern day Cuzco is a dynamic mélange of the Inca/Quechua culture, colonial Spanish culture, and modern Perú. As such, this medium-sized city of about 100,000 is a veritable cross-cultural junction. 

Students will live with Quechua host families. During the week they will engage in field trips, guest lectures or related directed study activities. Weekends will consist of activities with host families and a longer field trip into the surrounding environs to sites of cultural, historical or political significance.  

Students will be expected to read assigned texts related to Peruvian history and the Quechua culture, attend guest lectures on specific topics, and participate in field trips exploring the Incan empire, Spanish Conquest, Colonialism, the Church and Missions in Perú, immigrations. Students will study either Spanish or Quechua during the morning hours and live with host families.  


*Estimated Cost: $2,900

Semester Leaders: Terry Jantzi and Elizabeth Phelps

Dates: May 2007

Enrollment: 12 Students

Course Credits: 3 semester hours


*Due to fluctuating airfare and exchange rates, EMU reserves the right to adjust the cost of the seminar up to the date of the trip deposit.