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Journal 13 - Give us this day our daily bread

February 8, 2006

I have come to realize how this place revolves around la comida. For sure my favorite parts of the day are when the staff all gathers together to eat. The Spanish have a very unique way of eating. For breakfast every day we simply put the loaves of bread on the table, lay out the spreads and cheese and meats and everybody digs in. Café con leche with two packets of sugar. At the house, the breakfast discussion is always lively. There are usually two or three conversations going on at once. I usually just soak up the fast-paced words and catch pieces of conversations. One morning everyone got into a big religious discussion about Christians, Muslims, and terrorists. I couldnąt help but wonder where else but here I would be sharing a table with half Christians and half Muslims, shouting and interrupting each other to make sure their opinion is heard.