Eastern Mennonite University

Fall/Winter 2008

Year in Review 2007-08

Who Did What?

New Faculty and Administrators

Kevin Clark ’92, MAL ’96 (Seminary); Kirsten Eve Beachy ‘02 (English); Annmarie Early (education); S. Jeanne Horst (psychology); Leah Kratz ’00 (business); Linda Leitch-Alford (education); Katrina Maynard (education); Andrew Miller ’98 (business); Kreg Owens (visual and communication arts); Cathy Ernst-Rittenhouse ’82 (nursing); Glenda Siegrist (nursing); Anthony Smith (business); Mary Ann Stripling (education); Shelly Thomas (biology); Judith H. Wilfong (teacher education); BJ Miller, director of institutional research and effectiveness; Donald D. Smeeton, library director.

Cords of Distinction

2008 recipients were Lars A. Akerson, Benjamin W. Beitzel, Matthew R. Garber, Lisa N. King, Ho-Hyun Lee, Jered C. Lyons, Ral E. Nwankwo, Emi K. Oda, Joanne E. Smucker, and Matthew D. Swartley.

Awards, Recognition, Outside Leadership Roles

Don Steiner (education) was the recipient of special certificate for completion of a six-year term on the Unit Accreditation Board of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education in Dallas.

David A. King (athletic director) received ministerial licensing by the Virginia Conference for special ministry of itinerant speaking on the issue of faith and athletics.

P. David Glanzer (counseling) was named “Counselor Educator of the Year” by the Central Valley Counselors Association in Virginia.

Dan Wessner (history/international studies) was elected Chair of Peace Studies Section, International Studies Section, 2008-2010.

Community Learning, and its coordinator, Deanna Durham, were recognized and awarded a certificate of appreciation by the board of Harrisonburg City Schools for outstanding service to and support of the schools, especially for work at Harrisonburg High School with Teatro Chirmol.

Howard Zehr was named to the Victim Advisory Group of the U.S. Sentencing Commission. He was also a Fulbright Senior Specialist in New Zealand for six weeks in the fall of 2007.

Allon Lefever (business) was elected vice-chair of MEDA board of directors. He presented a seminar on “Leading from Within” at the annual MEDA convention in Toronto, Canada.

Mark Metzler Sawin (history) was awarded a Fulbright teaching fellowship to Croatia for the 2008-09 school year.

Ervin Stutzman (seminary) was appointed by Virginia Mennonite Conference to a three-year term as overseer of the Leadership/Administrative cluster.


Nancy Heisey (bible & religion) published “Why Church History Matters” in The Mennonite and “The Place of Prayer: Origen’s On Prayer as Map and Territory” in the Christian Scholar’s Review. Peter Dula (bible & religion) published the articles “Easter in Baghdad” in Commonweal and “Questions, Answers, Stories: Speaking of God and Suffering” in Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology.

Greta Ann Herin (biology) was one of the eight authors ofIFEL Tour: A description of the Introduction to FUN Electrophysiology Labs Workshop at Bowdon College,” published in the Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience.

Katrina Maynard (education) was one of three authors of “Teaching vocabulary to first grade students at risk of reading difficulties through repeated shared storybook reading: A comparison of rich and basic instruction to incidental exposure” in Reading Research Quarterly.

Teaching and Learning

Peter Dula (bible & religion) presented “A Theologian in Baghdad,” a keynote address at the conference Cynicism and Hope: Reclaiming Discipleship in a Post-democratic Society at Reba Place in Evanston, Ill.

Linford Stutzman (bible & religion) presented “Mentoring for Life in Abundance: Learning from Paul’s Example” at the Evangelical Missiological Society Annual Conference in Minneapolis and “Living on a Sea of Change: at Home in Globalization” at Bluffton College’s Fall Forum Series.

Christian Early (bible & religion)presented “Anabaptist Ecclesiology, Radical Democracy, and Philosophy of Religion: Elements of a New Conversation” at the Understanding Conflict Conference held at Århus University in Denmark.

Douglas Graber Neufeld (biology), with H. Savoeun and C. Phoeurk, was the author of “Pesticide Residues in Cambodia: Assessing Methylparathion Risk in Market Vegetables,” presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston, Massachussetts.

Greta Ann Herin (biology) led two students in full-time original research in the summer of ’08, supported by the Faculty Scholarship Commitee and the National Science Foundation’s Shenandoah Valley Molecular Biology REU.

Toni Flanagan (education) presented “Documentation of Student Learning: The Proof’s in the Project” at the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education in New Orleans and “Teaching Hands-On, Minds-On Elementary Mathematics,” a workshop at Mennonite Educators Conference in Pittsburgh.

Lori Leaman (education) completed her EdD in higher education leadership at Nova Southeastern University. She and Katrina Maynard (education) received a $3,500 grant from the Fund for Peoplehood Education Reference Committee for their “Exploring the Calling to Teach Weekend Seminar.” Leaman also presented “Culturally Responsible Teaching” and “Differentiated Learning: Meeting Diverse Needs” at the Mennonite Educators Conference in Pittsburgh.

Katrina Maynard (education) presented “Teaching vocabulary to first grade students at risk of reading difficulties through repeated shared storybook reading: A comparison of rich and basic instruction to incidental exposure” at the TED Conference, A Division of the Council for Exceptional Children. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Cathy Smeltzer Erb, Sandy Brownscombe, and Toni Flanagan (education) presented “Documentation of Student Learning: The Proof’s in the Project” at the annual meeting of the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education in New Orleans

Don Steiner (education) and J. McDowell presented “Private colleges take on the NCATE standards” at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education in New Orleans. Steiner also presented “The computer hacker: A case study in restorative discipline” at the Virginia Association of Teacher Education at Sweet Briar College in Amherst, Va.

Howard Zehr (CJP) spent much of 2007-08 giving speeches, talks, interviews and workshops across the United States ( Texas, Pennsylania, Illinois, Virginia, New York, California, Colorado, Iowa, Washington D.C.) as well as internationally ( Brazil, New Zealand, Britain). The topic was usually restorative justice, but sometimes it was related to his “When a Parent is in Prison” project or to his photographic art work. He was also quoted or covered by numerous newspapers, radio stations and TV networks in the places where he spoke or presented.

At the Mid-Atlantic American Studies Association annual conference in Rochester, New York, Mark Metzler Sawin (history) presented “Playing with the Spirits: Séances in Antebellum America” and was the moderator of “Playing at College: Sports and American Campus Life. ” Sawin was co-organizer of “Cultural Currents from Mountains to Shore,” a reception hosted by the Mid-Atlantic American Studies Association in Philadelphia.

Mary Sprunger (history) presented “Deaconesses, Fishwives, Crooks and Prophetesses: Women and the Burden of Mennonite Respectability in a Seventeenth-Century Congregation” at the Myth and Reality Anabaptist/Mennonite Women conference at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Sprunger was also an invited participant in the Liberty Fund Conference “Religious Dissent and Liberty” in Charleston, S.C.

Mike Medley (Intensive English Program) gave the following papers and presentations: “Building a Writing Community” to 255 English teachers in five cities of Kosovo; “Writing Tasks for Learners with Diverse Talents” to 29 English teachers in Prishtina, Kosovo; “Interpreting TOEFL Scores” to the Graduate Council of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va.; a series on topics in “English language assessment” to school heads and assistant heads of the Presbyterian Education Board in Pakistan, Murree, Pakistan.

Violet Dutcher (language and literature) wrote “Grandma’s Sugar Cookies” in the Hunger and Thirst anthology by City Works Press.

Diedre Smeltzer and Owen D. Byer (mathematics) wrote “Exploring Loci in Geometry” in the Proceedings of the Sixteenth Conference of the ACMS. They also presented on this topic at the MAA-AMS joint national meeting in San Diego.

Melody Cash and Vi Horst (nursing), with M. Butcher, gave three poster presentations on “Enhancing student clinical skills and confidence utilizing laboratory simulation” to: (1) the Virginia State Simulation Alliance Conference, (2) Pi Mu Professional Development Day, Chapter of STTI, Harrisonburg, Va., and (3) Mosby Faculty Development Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Ann Graber Hershberger (nursing) presented on “Cultural Competence” to the staff of the Lord Fairfax Health District at Shenandoah University, as well as to the Central Shenandoah Health District at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va.

Don Tyson (nursing) presented “Investigating Perceptions of Needs and Assets Relative to Healthcare Access in Prince William County” to the Northern Virginia Healthcare Safety Net and to Pi Mu Scholarship Conference in Harrisonburg, Va.

Jeanne Horst (psychology) and three others offered a paper presentation on “Types or continua? A mixture-modeling analysis of help seeking” at the annual symposium in Research and Practice at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va.

Judy Mullet (psychology) presented a keynote address on “a restorative discipline model for transforming school conflict” at the 4th Annual Education Conference sponsored by Tennessee Department of Education, Department of Children’s Services Education Division & Tennessee Alliance for Children & Youth, Nashville, Tenn.

Terry Jantzi (social work) and two others authored “ Volunteerism and NGOs in Latin America: Elements that Enhanced Long-Term Retention” in the Center for Social Development Research Report – 08-01, published by Washington University’s Center for Social Development in St. Louis.

Jerry Holsopple (VACA) wrote “Beyond a normal romance” in the Canadian Mennonite Volume 11, September 17, 2007. He also presented “Documentary Production Ethics and Issues,” Screening/Class/Open Forum at Roberts Wesleyan University.

Steven Johnson (VACA) did five press photographs for recording artist D.M. Stith (five photographs) and photographed the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail for National Geographic Traveler magazine (24, n7:68).

Chris Gingrich (economics) presented “Economic Forecast and Commentary” at the annual Mennonite Economic Development Associates Convention, in Toronto, Canada.

Jayne Seminare Docherty (CJP) conducted training in conflict analysis and peacebuilding at Lebanese American University in Byblos for students from Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt and Kuwait.

Joan Griffing (music) participated in America’s 400th Anniversary events at Jamestown in May. She played in a concert of 1,607 choristers and 400 instrumentalists.

Mark Metzler Sawin (history) presented a paper, as did his student Michelle Kennel, at the annual conference of Mid-Atlantic American Studies Association, over which Sawin presided in as his final duty of his two-year term as MAASA president.

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