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What I Like About EMU

EmilyEmily Benner, a junior from Pennsburg, Pa., submitted 32 items alone! Read her responses ...

Professors and staff who are willing to take time to show students they care, not only about class performance, but about your entire well-being.
--Elisa Wolf, senior, liberal arts, Lititz, Pa.

The small personal classes and genuine interaction with professors.
--Bethany Broschinski, first-year, elementary education, Waynesboro, Va.

God is in everything that we do here. This school is a place to come and learn to be filled with the love and power of God.
--Sherry Owens, junior, nursing, Stanley, Va.

AuraLearning about other cultures of the world without even leaving the U.S., through other international students and those who have participated in cross-culturals.
--Aura (Pancha) Moreno, senior, JPCS/applied sociology, Bogota, Colombia

Professors who talk with you as colleagues.
--Paul Yoder, senior, history and secondary education, Harrisonburg, Va.

A willingness to discuss the challenging questions.
--Rachel Maust, first-year, undeclared, Indianapolis, Ind.

For a university with such modest financial resources, EMU dreams big and achieves remarkable things through its programs and graduates.
--Tim Swartzendruber, development officer, Washington, D.C.

The cross-cultural requirement which allows one to explore other cultures and worldviews, even within western culture.
--Ethan Horst, junior, biology, Wooster, Ohio

AndrewHaiku for EMU: no one saved alone: autumn and my family melancholy hell... compassion, commun- (post-partum depression cure) -ity, EMU
--Andrew Harvey, professor, language & literature

The sight of professors and administrators cheerfully weeding EMU flower beds just before school opened when the grounds staff was backlogged due to weather.
--Bonnie Price Lofton, CJP director of development

The international aspect, mutual camaraderie and respect; wider, the relationships with the EMU and Mennonite community have been memorable.
--Merwyn De Mello, fall 2005 CJP graduate, Tanzania, India, U.S., Kenya

JoyThe coaches care about more than our athletic ability ... they encourage our personal relationships with God.
--Joy Shaiebly, junior, preK-12 health and physical education, Lancaster, Pa.

DaviLearning three life-long loves: future wife, theater and EMU.
--Davi Soesilo, senior, communication, theater, psychology, Malang, Indonesia

The opportunity to meet inspiring people from so many diverse cultures from around the world.
--Hedley Abernethy, graduate student, CJP, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The stimulating, thought provoking, and enlightening class discussions that tackle the hard issues and what one person can do to help change things.
--Dawn Keim, junior, social work,Woodstock, Va.

Meeting people from all corners of the earth who are seriously friendly and see each other as human beings.
--Emmanuel Sayiorry, graduate student, peace studies, Nairobi, Kenya

RalThe opportunity to share ideas, opinions and ethics with people from different cultural backgrounds
and incorporating them in events on campus.
--Ral Nwankwo, sophomore, history major, Silver Spring, Md./Nigeria

EMU was the home that provided me with care, love and security. EMU gave me the friends I always wanted to have. EMU is the place where I found peace.
--Huda Abu Arquob, CJP student, Palestine

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