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EMU teacher education faculty and staff

EMU teacher education faculty and staff are at the core of a community of teachers eager to be mentors and help you succeed in your vocation and in your life.

Education Program Key Elements

EMU teacher education students are becoming teachers who teach boldly in a changing world through an ethic of care and critical reflection.

The Basics of Teacher Education

EMU’s teacher education department believes in a reflective teaching model. Education students approach their studies through active learning, gain hands-on experience in the field, and continuously reflect on beliefs and practices. Education professors work side-by-side with students who feel the call to teach.

Field Experiences and Student-Teaching

Early field experiences are a key characteristic of our program. At many colleges students don’t begin to be in the field until their third year. At EMU, education students are in local classrooms, observing and learning, by their fifth week of classes. One benefit of observing and teaching in classrooms near our campus is the large diversity present in the surrounding school divisions. These school divisions offer a rich variety of diversity including cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic. Field experiences are embedded throughout program so that education students are in the field nearly every semester. Early Childhood education majors assist in EMU’s lab school, the Early Learning Center. The Early Learning Center provides valuable interactions for EMU students with the 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds enrolled at the center.

Students participate in student teaching at the end of their program. Student teaching is a semester long opportunity for education majors to apply what they have been learning about teaching. Students are in a classroom full-time during student teaching, and receive regular feedback and assistance from the classroom teacher and an EMU representative. Student teachers also participate in Reflective Teaching Seminar class which provides additional support to students during the student teaching semester and covers valuable topics such as preparing for job searches and interviews.

Highest Accreditation Standards in Nation

Our program is NCATE accredited through CAEP, which is the highest accreditation standard in the nation. EMU is one of only five private universities in Virginia to be NCATE accredited. States and employers recognize this high level of certification and know that graduates of nationally accredited universities come from a highly qualified and quality program.

Graduation and After

If you start at EMU, you can graduate in four years. Some state universities have five-year programs and graduate with a masters degree. However, EMU encourages acquiring an undergraduate degree first, enabling graduates to get out into the work force and gain experience before considering a graduate degree.

93% of 2014-15 program graduates who sought teaching positions were employed to teach the following year and graduated with an average grade point average (GPA) of 3.55. 100% of program graduates pass the state licensure exams. EMU teachers are highly sought after from graduation and sometimes even before. Area administrators recognize that EMU education graduates are well equipped to be effective, quality teachers as soon as they begin their teaching career.