Departmental Scholarships

Interested and qualified admitted students are welcome to apply for scholarships within the following departments:

In any given year, scholarships and grants may be available for other academic or co-curricular programs. Please check with your Admission Counselor for more information.

Declare a major in teacher education and earn an additional $3,000 in scholarship money, renewable for four years!

Select students will receive the education scholarship in addition to your basic financial aid package which includes need- and merit-based awards and other grants and scholarships you may earn.

How do I apply

To apply, submit a 250-word essay to the education department describing your sense of call to the field of education. Send to

Let your admissions counselor know you have submitted the essay. Your counselor will arrange for an interview with an education professor to discuss your essay during your campus visit. The professor will want to learn more about you, your aspirations, and answer any questions you might have.

The scholarship is renewable for your full four years as long as you continue in the education program.

Contact your admissions counselor with questions.

Details for 2018-19 engineering scholarships are in process. The scholarship will be renewable for your full four years and in addition to other need- and merit-based aid you may receive.

Please visit the department web page for information about the engineering program.

Contact your admissions counselor about how to apply.

Music Department

Music scholarships for any major! Sing or play your instrument and earn scholarship money while you study any major at EMU.

Each year we award scholarships in amounts up to $3,000 to students who commit to being part of a performance group. The scholarship is in addition to merit- and need-based aid. Recipients are not music majors.

Earn financial aid for participation in any of the following groups:

  • Emulate Chamber Ensemble (limited participants selected by audition)
  • Chambers Singers (limited participants selected by audition)
  • University Choir (audition required)
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Jazz Band (audition required)
  • Pep Band
  • EMU Orchestra

How do I apply?

Auditions are required when you visit campus. Indicate in the online campus visit form your interest in auditioning and for which group(s). List your voice part and/or instrument as well as musical experience. The admissions office will schedule your audition in collaboration with the music department during your campus visit. If you play a large instrument such as a cello, you can borrow an instrument on site to simplify your travel.

The scholarship is renewable for your full four years as long as you continue participation in music programming.

Contact your admissions counselor with questions.

Music major scholarship

A scholarship for music majors is also available. Find details here.

Do you already have an impressive portfolio of photography, video or digital media work? Are you hoping to develop these skills to make a difference in the world?

When you enter EMU declaring a major in photography or digital media, you are eligible for additional scholarship support up to $3,000 from the Visual and Communication Arts (VACA) program. The scholarship is in addition to your merit- and need-based aid package. The scholarship is renewable for your full four years.

Scholarship applicants must:

  • Declare a major in digital media or photography
  • Demonstrate superior creative and technical ability
  • Communicate effectively about their work

How do I apply?

Online portfolios are preferred: a web site or a collection of videos on a site like Vimeo. Show us your best work (not all of it). We’re interested in original visions rather than remixes of pop culture. Please caption all work with a title, description and medium. If your work was part of a group project, please list your role clearly.

  • Submit a link to your digital portfolio along with a cover letter articulating your career aspirations and reason for choosing EMU’s program. Please include a brief list of software and photo/video equipment with which you are familiar.
  • Submit web link and cover letter to:
  • Deadline for consideration is March 1 for entrance in the program the following fall.

As part of the scholarship application process, you will have a 1:1 interview with art, digital media and/or photography professors during your campus visit. Your admissions counselor will schedule that appointment. If you are unable to come to campus after submitting your scholarship application, an interview can take place via Skype or other electronic meeting tool.

The VACA scholarships will be awarded based on portfolio review.

Contact your admissions counselor with questions.