Eastern Mennonite University

Shenandoah Anabaptist Science Society (SASS)

Who are we?

SASSThe Shenandoah Anabaptist Science Society is located on the campus of Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) in Harrisonburg Virginia . SASS is composed of individuals, academic departments, trans-disciplinary organizations of the university, and community persons. The primary goals of the group include:

SASS is organized and directed by a Steering Committee that includes representation from eleven different campus departments or programs and local persons. The Steering Committee meets periodically to plan and administer programs, give overall direction to SASS, manage the budget, and solicit ideas from the broader membership. (Click here for membership information.)

Our Focus

Recent SASS efforts included a fall discussion series which culminated with guest lecturer Dr. Nancey Murphy of Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Science & Christian Faith Forum with Dr. David Wilcox of Eastern University.

The focus of SASS is to create a space for dialogue and promote education on issues at the intersection of science and religion. We intend to bring together persons who are trained in various areas of science and religion to lead in discussing the implications of things such as artificial intelligence, bioethics, nanotechnology, human consciousness, spirit and body, origins, etc.

The educational task of Eastern Mennonite University is rooted in Christian faith and its scriptures as they have been interpreted and lived out in a unique 476-year Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition. This tradition embraces God’s gift of reconciliation through the cross and the power of the resurrection to create new life in conformity to the teaching and spirit of Jesus.

The challenge and intent of SASS is to build on that legacy and promote dialogue and action on scientific issues with faculty and students represented in university academic departments, upper level high school students and faculty, and with professionals in the local community.

Programming to carry out SASS goals includes regular monthly meetings of the membership, creation and maintenance of an interactive web site, speaker forums involving the campus and community, small group book studies, and luncheon dialogues with short paper presentations.  


Interested students, faculty, & staff of Eastern Mennonite University , neighboring academic institutions including high schools and colleges, as well as community persons interested in a science & faith dialogue are invited to become members and to participate fully in the activities of SASS.

SASS members receive and contribute in the following ways:

Membership is on two levels:

  1. student membership ($5/year)
  2. professional membership ($10/year)

A membership term extends from September 1 through the following August 30. Individuals are encouraged to enroll as members for multiple years at this time. The membership form can be filled out and mailed to our secretary along with the requisite fee.

Application for SASS Membership

Name: _____________________________________________________Date: ____________________
Postal Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________________State: ______________ Zip Code: _________
Phone number: ________________________ Email: _________________________________________

Role: (check one)

__ college/university student; __high school student; __ faculty; __ staff:
__ professional (indicate specific role)_____________________

Institution/Church affiliation: _______________________________________________

Membership Category:

Student rate: $5/yr x ___ number of years = Total: ________
Professional rate: $10/yr x ___ number of years = Total: ________

Please print and return this completed form with appropriate payment to:

Dr. Tara Kishbaugh, SASS Secretary
Eastern Mennonite University
Department of Chemistry
1200 Park Road
Harrisonburg , VA 22802