Become a John Wesley Partner

John Wesley and the Methodists set out “to reform the nation, particularly the Church, and to spread scriptural holiness over the land.” It was a type of “practical divinity” – to live out the love of God and neighbor. Wesley raised up leaders to equip these Methodists to live grace filled lives. Such leaders and such a people are still bearing witness to this life of love.

Wesley connected partners to encourage, support and train people for Christian living and for leadership in the church. By joining this circle of supporters, you are assisting in the training of leadership for the churches of the 21st century. Eastern Mennonite Seminary is able to commit substantial amounts of financial aid to students in need, while they relocate their families and devote themselves to serious preparations for ministry. We are eager to maintain our partnership with you and with these students as they prepare to lead the church.

Your acceptance of this invitation to become a John Wesley Partner is a pledge to make a financial commitment of $500 or more annually to the work at Eastern Mennonite Seminary in training United Methodist students. This is not a legal obligation, but a commitment that will be honored, as you are able.

We invite you to find the giving option that works for you. EMU’s fiscal year ends on June 30. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments.