Sue Johnson Training Follow Up

Thanks to the 300 people who gathered for the pre-conference training with Dr. Sue Johnson in March 2011 prior to the EMU ‘Conversations on Attachment’ conference. We hope you found this time to be beneficial and enriching to your practice and continued education.

DVD purchase

’Creating Connection in Couple Therapy: The New Science of Love and Bonding is available for purchase on DVD.

The training, presented by Sue Johnson, Ed.D., details emotionally focused couple (EFT) therapy and offers a unique perspective on how to use the power of emotion and the new science of adult attachment to create significant, lasting change in couple relationships. For more information about EFT or for other training DVDs and materials please go to

Purchase the dvd from EMU

PowerPoint presentation

Sue Johnson Ed.D. speaks at EMU's Conversations on Attachment conferenceThe pre-conference training PowerPoint presentation is available for download. Please note that slides that contain videos were removed to minimize download time. Also available is Sue Johnson’s keynote address from the opening night of the EMU Attachment Conference.

Creating Connection in Couple Therapy: The New Science of Love and Bonding Dr. Sue Johnson
Integrating Heart and Soul: The New Science of Attachment & EFT Dr. Sue Johnson


Sue Johnson’s training day on emotion-focused couples therapy

Training feedback

We welcome your feedback of the pre-conference training or follow up questions at


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