Results and Dissemination

EMU Chemistry Professor Tara Kishbaugh and students in the labWe are still early in the implementation of the project, but we can already report the following:

  • Most of our biology and chemistry students are engaged in more authentic laboratory work!
  • Our participating science content teaching faculty have learned a significant amount about teaching and learning, the differences between various kinds of knowledge and cognitive skills, and about the challenges of assessing them in our students.
  • A stronger cultural emphasis on research within the STEM programs. For example, since April of 2010, the students have competed in a STEM quiz bowl followed by a poster session highlighting student research for the past year. The best posters and quiz teams receive prizes. Review the best posters.
  • We’ve developed various lab exercises based on the use of the two new Atomic Absorbance Spectrometers.

Scholarship resulting from this project


  • Kishbaugh, T, Cessna, S., Leaman, L, Horst, S.J., Graber Neufeld, D., Siderhurst, Matthew, Flanagan, T. Measuring beyond content: A rubric bank for assessing skills in authentic research assignments in the sciences. Chemistry Education Research and Practice. DOI: 10.1039/C2RP00023G
  • “Cross-Disciplinary collaboration on Rubric Development.” Toni Flanagan, Jeanne Horst, Lori Leaman, Steve Cessna. Presented at Virginia Education Research Association, Fall 2010
  • “Promoting Learning through Authentic and Relevant Research Experiences in Environmental Monitoring and Remediation across Ten Chemistry and Biology Courses.” Steve Cessna. Presented Spring 2011.


  • “Foliar Micronutrient Analysis for Organic Highbush Blueberry Production.” Allison Glick, Denay Fuglie, Braydon Hoover, and Roman Miller. Presented at the Virginia Academy of Sciences, 88th Annual Meeting, May 21, 2010, held at James Madison University.


See the rubrics webpage for the full rubric, and for shorter versions that are used for specific assignments (posters, written assignments, and oral presentations)