Tuition & Financial Aid

Graduate Teacher Education

  • Master of Arts in Education
    The current cost (through June 2014) for the MA in Education program is approximately $14,725 plus books.
  • Certifications & graduate courses
    Tuition is $400 per credit hour. Tuition will increase to $425 for each graduate credit beginning September 1, 2014.


RN to B.S. in Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing


  • Faith Community Nursing – $400 per credit hour. Includes some program materials and 46 contact hours.
  • School Nurse – 4 courses $5,700, Fees $125

Continuing education courses

  • 4 contact hours, cost $25


Graduate Studies

  • Master of Divinity and Graduate Certificates
    Tuition for 2013-14 is $423 per credit hour.
    *Textbook costs are additional

Undergraduate Studies

  • Certificate in Pastoral Ministry – STEP (Study Training for Effective Pastoral Ministry)
    Tuition for a year is $3300 based on a three year course of study.
  • Associates Degree in Pastoral Ministry
    Tuition for 2013-14 is $330 per credit hour for core courses (completion of STEP)
    Tuition for general education courses depends on where those credits are earned.

Audit fee (does not apply to STEP program)
2013-14 is $90 per credit hour.

Technology fee: $40 per semester

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