English Major (36SH)

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The English major at Eastern Mennonite University includes literature, writing, English language, and dramatic arts. The major focuses on important authors, texts, and genres in the Anglophone tradition while challenging students to read and interpret beyond nationalist traditions to larger global literary movements. The department requires foreign language competency through intermediate level II and encourages advanced study through the literature level.

Literary Foundations (12SH)

Every English major takes a common core of four courses. Global Literatures I, II, and III, courses generally taken in a student’s first and second year, situate the history of English literature within the histories of literature from around the world. Students need not take these courses in sequence. LIT 240 Introduction to Critical Theory, generally taken in the second year, introduces students to key figures, ideas, and movements in recent literary theory.

LIT 210 Global Literatures I … 3
LIT 220 Global Literatures II … 3
LIT 230 Global Literatures III … 3
LIT 240 Introduction to Critical Theory … 3

Approaches to Literature (12 SH)

The following four categories represent significant approaches in literary scholarship today (with some overlap among categories) and provide fruitful ways to read, understand, and appreciate literature. Students will choose from different courses offered every year in each category. Some courses in certain categories may be offered repeatedly.

LIT 310 Approach 1: Genres and Movements … 3
LIT 320 Approach 2: Nations and Regions … 3
LIT 410 Approach 3: Culture, Identity and Ethnicity … 3
LIT 420 Approach 4: Authors … 3

Linguistics (3SH)

Knowledge of linguistic structures, variations, and functions provides significant insights for students of all forms of writing and literature.
Choose one of the following courses:
LING 250 Introduction to Linguistics … 3
LING 260 Grammars of English … 3
*LING 360 Language Learning, Literacy and Culture … 3

Writing (6SH)

Students in these courses benefit from practicing and sharpening writing and editing skills within specific genres and the audiences for those genres.
Choose 6 SH from the following courses:
COMM 241 News and Feature Writing … 3
LARTS 390 Peer Tutoring Practicum I … 1
LARTS 391 Peer Tutoring Practicum II (may be taken twice)… 1
*THR 310 Playwriting and Screenwriting …3
WRIT 350 Creative Prose Writing … 3
*WRIT 370 Poetry Writing … 3
The following three courses, offered in the same semester, can be taken independently or in a sequence.
*WRIT 380 Expository Writing … 1
*WRIT 381 Argumentative Writing … 1
*WRIT 382 Rhetoric of the Natural & Social Sciences … 1

Senior Capstone (3SH)

LIT 480 The English Major and Vocation… 3

English majors are required to take a practice Graduate Record Exam (GRE) in the senior year.

*Course offered alternate years

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