Spanish Language and Hispanic Studies Major

The major in Spanish Language and Hispanic Studies at Eastern Mennonite University focuses on building oral and written fluency in the language and culture. The major, however, goes far beyond mere language learning, as it is designed to offer a broad foundation in Hispanic Studies. The faculty approach this rich cultural legacy from an interdisciplinary perspective that puts Hispanic American Studies and Spanish texts in dialogue with other fields of knowledge such as anthropology, environmentalism, history, human rights, women’s studies, theology and studies on globalization, among others.

All Spanish majors are required to spend one semester abroad in a Spanish-speaking country in order to immerse themselves in another culture and improve their Spanish language ability in reading, writing, and speaking. (See also Our Students on Cross-cultural.)

Majors will have the linguistic and cultural competency required of graduate and professional programs in the U.S. and Spanish-speaking countries.

A student majoring in Spanish Language and Hispanic Studies will complete 33SH of work above the intermediate level according to the following specifications:

Language Skills Courses (6SH)
SPAN 310 Advanced Conversation and Readings
SPAN 320 Advanced Grammar and Composition

Cultural and Literary Surveys (12SH)
SPAN 370 Hispanic American Civilization
SPAN 375 Spanish Civilization
SPAN 390 Survey of Spanish Literature
SPAN 395 Survey of Hispanic American Literature

Hispanic Studies (9SH)
SPAN 410 Latin American Cinema
SPAN 420 Hispanic Prose
SPAN 430 Marginalized Voices in Hispanic America
SPAN 440 Society and Conflict in Hispanic Poetry and Drama
SPAN 450 Religion in Spain in Hispanic America
SPAN 460 Ecological Thought in Spain and Latin America

Electives (6SH)
SPAN 360 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
SPAN 470 Internship
Independent Study.
Any Hispanic Studies course above.
A course in another department directly related to Hispanic Studies (advisor approval required).

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