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Directions to Massanetta Springs Retreat center for Fall Retreat!

Take Exit 247A from I-81 onto Route 33 East. Go to the 6th stoplight (about 2.5 miles) and turn right on Massanetta Springs Road (Route 687).
The main parking lot for the conference center is approximately a half mile on the right. (Look for the stone wall on the right and if you have passed the flashing light you have gone too far.) Follow the sidewalk into the main doors of the hotel and you will find the reception desk in the lobby. Welcome!

To download a map, go to MassanettaSprings.org

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What is mentoring? Why do I need a mentor? Why would I want to be a mentor?

Our LEAP365 definition of “mentoring” is: “Mentoring is an intentional and mutual relationship in which he mentor and mentee interact addressing the mentee’s personal and spiritual growth, thus enabling the mentee to become who God intends the mentee to be”

 “We all need mentors to guide us as we grow into our full potential in life. A healthy mentoring relationship (or several) could very well be the critical link in developing, protecting and optimizing Christian leaders for the next century!” (Bobb Biehl)

 “One should become a mentor because mentoring could make all the difference in the world in a young person’s life. Mentoring is a bridge that will connect, strengthen, and stabilize future generations of Christians in an increasingly complex and threatening world.” (Bobb Biehl)

What will I do as a Mentor?

This phase offers 6 months of one-on-one 90 minutes mentoring sessions.

What is your curriculum?

The text book we’re using is Mentoring: Confidence in Finding a Mentor and Becoming One by Bobb Biehl.

After a significant amount of discussion about the issue of curriculum for our LEAP365 mentoring program, we decided that the best way to approach this issue would be by working with the mentee’s personal agenda, that is, those areas in the mentee’s life where he/she saw a particular need for growth and development. The fundamental idea is for the mentoring pairs to identify areas of growth and work with those identified areas during their mentoring sessions. Our job would be to provide the mentors with extra information and resources as requested via Blackboard. This doesn’t mean that we’re not going to provide some more guided mentoring sessions; in fact, we decided to provide direction for the first 4 sessions of the 12 sessions

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