Program Goals and Outcomes

Mission statement

The mission of the Master of Arts in Education and the Graduate Education non-degree program at EMU is to increase educators’ professional knowledge and competence and to enhance reflective teaching among practitioners, enabling them to:

  1. develop leadership by becoming agents of change who advocate for children and youth
  2. create a climate of caring and learning
  3. initiate and respond to change
  4. value service to others.

Goals and outcomes

Scholarship: to acquire advanced knowledge through core curriculum courses and to organize and integrate that knowledge into professional practice.

Inquiry: to generate questions and to use critical thinking to self-assess, to view problems from multiple perspectives, to make informed decisions and to engage in action research for educational change.

Professional Knowledge: to acquire advanced pedagogical and specialty area knowledge in order to create cultures of change and manage environments conducive to learning, setting high expectations and implementing appropriate instructional and assessment practices.

Communication: to develop communication strategies (verbal, nonverbal, and technological) which support collaboration and resourcefulness to empower self and others.

Caring: to develop a nurturing spirit that advocates for students, encourages social and ethical responsibility, and promotes peacebuilding in diverse settings.

Leadership: to act as social change agents by working collaboratively to bring about fair and just systemic change within educational contexts.

Suboutcomes for specific studies