Vehicle Registration

A parking fee of $60 per year will be assessed to all faculty, staff and students who park a vehicle on the EMU campus. Registration of the vehicle must occur within one week of bringing that vehicle to campus. This also applies to individuals living in EMU-owned housing or apartments.

How to register your vehicle

Students: Vehicle registration is part of academic registration for EMU classes. Students can also register their vehicles at the Physical Plant Office during normal office hours.

Faculty and Staff: Registration and payroll deduction forms are available for all faculty an Staff within the employee pages of my.emu after login.

More info

To register a vehicle you are required to:

  • Hold a current vehicle registration card as evidence of ownership and the right to register the vehicle.
  • Hang the registration permit on the Rear-view mirror.

Each vehicle that will be brought on campus must be registered.

The registration permit is valid only for the school year issued and will expire on August 25 of each year. Faculty and staff permits are issued for a one-year period.