Campus Safety Department

EMU contracts with a private contractor to provide security personnel and services for the campus primarily during the evening hours and night time when other personnel are not working, and on week-ends. Security personnel are unarmed and do not make arrests. During normal business hours the Physical Plant Department Office responds to safety and security issues for the campus. Minor offenses committed by students involving university rules and policies are reported to the student life division for follow-up and discipline. Criminal incidents are referred to the Harrisonburg Police Department.

Security personnel are responsible for locking and unlocking buildings, being alert for unusual activity or unauthorized persons on campus while conducting patrols, and taking appropriate action in response to problems. Personnel strive to establish a good rapport and relationship with EMU students and staff.

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

Witnesses and victims of a campus crime or emergency, as well as anyone who is suspicious of people or situations on campus, are urged to contact:

  • campus security at 4911 from a campus phone or (540) 432-4911 from an off-campus phone.
  • in the residence halls, one of the residence directors will be on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies or incidents which occur on campus. The staff member can be reached by calling 476-4578.
  • report the incident via the online Security/Safety Incident Report form.

Each residence hall room is equipped with a campus telephone line (residents provide their own telephones), and a phone is also located at the main entrance of each residence hall. Incidents can also be reported in person at the physical plant office, or at the student life office in the University Commons building.

In the case of any reportable offenses covered under the Clery Act, an incident is “officially reported” resulting in that incident being listed in the campus crime statistics when it is reported to local police agencies or to EMU’s vice president for student life or director of physical plant. In addition, while not mandated by law, EMU’s mental health and pastoral counselors voluntarily report sexual assaults for inclusion in the statistics.