Response to reports of Crimes and Emergencies

If a crime or emergency is reported to the EMU Security Department (Physical Plant Office or the security officer on duty), the following steps are taken:

  • A safety officer or physical plant employee will respond immediately to assess the situation and secure the scene, if needed. If the incident warrants, outside services such as the police, EMS (emergency medical services) and the fire department are called. At the scene, the safety officer is responsible for maintaining order until emergency responders arrive, and notifying other campus officials as appropriate.
  • In the case of emergency illness or injury, individuals are referred to the Rockingham Memorial Hospital emergency room.
  • The safety officer files a written report that is forwarded to the appropriate University officials. All serious crimes and emergencies occurring on campus are reported to and investigated by the Harrisonburg Police Department.
  • If an incident is considered serious and poses an immediate threat to people and/or property, a “timely warning” safety alert is emailed to the campus community.
  • When a sexual assault is reported or otherwise comes to the attention of the Campus Safety Department, the University informs victims of their options as described in the Student Handbook including referral to CASA (Citizens Against Sexual Assault) at their 24 hour crisis hotline (434-CASA).When appropriate, EMU issues a campus safety alert and uses other means of communication to inform all members of the EMU community. EMU’s resources (health and counseling options) are available whether or not the alleged assailant is an EMU community member.