• “If we decide that the capacity to care is as much a mark of personhood as reason or rationality, then we will want to find ways to
    increase this capacity.”

    - from Challenge to Care in Schools, p.24 by Nel Noddings

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March 31 – April 2, 2011

Recent neuroscience demonstrates that connection is crucial for health. If relationship is essential for survival one of our most important tasks is to learn how to form healthy attachments — with each other, with the earth, and with God. “Conversations on Attachment: Integrating the Science of Love and Spirituality” explores these dynamics through the lens of attachment theory. This conference will bring together nationally recognized voices from a variety of disciplines who will apply key insights from attachment theory to current research and practice. From social, psychological, and religious perspectives, a harmonious river of integration flows that moves us out of rigidity and chaos and into new ways of experiencing and thinking.

Join us for a three days of life changing conversation that is sure to impact how you see yourself, your relationships and the larger world. David Augsburger will be moderating the conference, drawing us into the river of integration to find new meaning in our relationships.

An introduction to the conference was given by Dr. Annmarie Early, Associate Professor at EMU, in May 2010. The video can be seen here. More information will be announced as it is available.

This conference is being funded by a grant from the Metanexus Institute, an organization dedicated to “Advancing the Constructive Engagement of Religion and Science.”

In 2009-2010, SASS hosted Dr. Larry Young and Dr. Nel Noddings to lay the groundwork for the 2011 conference. Dr. Young spoke on the neurobiological mechanisms for attachment and bonding based on his studies of praire voles. Dr. Noddings spoke on the importance of healthy attachments for education and the relationship between social problems and the lack of secure attachments in childhood. If you happened to miss these presentations, please take a moment to watch them.