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Myron Augsburger's Vita

Family history:

Myron was born, August 20, 1929, at Elida, Ohio, of Clarence and Estella Augsburger, one of 6 children, Fred, Donald, Anna Mary, Daniel and David.
Married Esther L. Kniss, (born in Dhumptari, India), married Nov.28, 1950 at Elida, Ohio
They have three children, two son, John Myron and Michael David, and one daughter, Marcia Louise.
They have two grand-daughters, Caitie White and Lara Kincanon
Currently they live at 1549 Hillcrest Drive, Harrisonburg, Va. 22802


Junior College Bible Diploma, Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, Va., 1950
AB, Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, VA. 1955
ThB, Eastern Mennonite Seminary, 1958
MDiv. Goshen Biblical Seminary, Goshen, Ind. 1959
Th.M. Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, VA. 1961
Th.D./Ph.D. Union Theological Seminary, 1964
Post Graduate work:
George Washington University, Wash. DC, 1964
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI., summer school, 1965
University of Basel, Switzerland, Sabbatical studies, spring term, 1974
Mansfield College, Oxford University, Oxford, England, summer 1980
Scholar in Residence, Princeton Seminary, NJ., 1980-81
Ten Honorary Doctorates from Christian Colleges, Universities and Seminaries.


Evangelist, Christian Layman’s Tent Revivals, 1955-1961(See James O. Lehman)
Evangelist, InterChurch, Inc., City-wide Meetings, beginning 1961 into 1996
Pastor, Sarasota, FL, Richmond, VA., Harrisonburg, Va. 1951- 56, and 1961-63
Professor of Theology, EMC and Seminary, part time 1963 - 80
President of Eastern Mennonite College and Seminary, 1965-1980
Founding Pastor and Sr. Pastor of Washington Community Fellowship, Capital Hill, DC, 1981-1988, part-time pastoral associate 1988-1994.
President, Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, Washington, D.C. 1988-1994
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Mennonite Church, USA; 1987-1989
Overseer for Special Ministries, Virginia Mennonite Conference, 2000 - 2007


Adjunct Professor of Theology, EMSeminary, 1995-2000
Adjunct Professor of Theology, Associate Mennonite Seminaries, Elkhart, Ind., 1990 and 1995
Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India, One semester, in 1979, 1987 and in 2002
Messerite Christian College, Addis Abba, Ethiopia, summer 2002
Evangelical Seminary, Osijeck, Croatia, 1993, 2001, 2005


President of InterChurch, Inc., Harrisonburg, VA
Founding member of Board of Mennonite Christian Leadership Foundation
Founding member of Board of Global Disciples, Inc.
Member of Committee on Faith, Life and Strategy of the Mennonite Church\
Board of Dir., Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, 8 years
Member of Christianity Today Institute
Board of Evangelical Environmental Network
Board of Evangelicals for Social Action
Board of Ethiopian Outreach Ministries
Board of Sports Outreach America
Board Member of Presbyterian Ministers’ Fund, 20 years until ‘92
Board of Reference for Enterprise Development International,
Formerly on Bd of Reference for the Society for Biblical Equality,
Advisory Editors, Christianity Today
Call for Renewal, Board Member.
Member of ‘Choose Peace’, Ecumenical Board.


Staley Distinguished Christian Scholar, in Staley Foundation Lectures, some 60 campuses
Overseas Missions, some 40 in as many countries, serving the Evangelical Fellowship of India in Conventions across India in 1964, 1969, 1973
Evangelistic Preaching Missions for forty years, Interchurch, many as ecumenical city-wide missions. US, Canada and Jamaica.
Evangelistic missions in Middle-East, Europe, India, Africa (9 countries), the Orient in 7 countries
Speaker at the MarThoma Convention, Kerala, So. India Feb. 2008


Books written:

Plus Living, Zondervan
Called to Maturity, Herald Press
Quench Not the Spirit, Herald Press
Invitation to Discipleship, Herald Press
Principles of Biblical Interpretation, Herald Press
Pilgrim Aflame (a historical novel, now in film, “The Radicals”) Herald Press
Faith for a Secular World, (Reprint, “When Reason Fails”), Word
The Broken Chalice ( a historical novel), Herald Press
The Expanded Life (On the Sermon on the Mount), Abingdon
Perspective on Mission in the Orient (A Journal)
Walking in the Resurrection, Herald Press
Faithful Unto Death (Historical stories of 16th Century youth), Word
The Gospel of Matthew, The Communicator’s Commentary, Word
Practicing the Presence of the Spirit, Herald Press
Evangelism as Discipling, Herald Press
Discovering John (Commentary for Guideposts)
The Peacemaker, Abingdon
The Christ Shaped Conscience, Victor
Nuclear Arms (With Dr. Dean Curry), Word
The Deacon, (with his daughter, Marcia, a historical novel), Kindred
Mastering Outreach Evangelism, (With Ratz and Tillapaugh), CT, Multnomah
How To Be a Christ Shaped Family (With Esther,) republished as “God Sculptures The Family”, by Victor Press
The Robe of God, Herald Press
Soli Deo Gloria, a Daily Devotional through Romans, Herald Press
The Resurrection Life, Evangel Press.
The Fugitive, the story of Menno Simons, Herald Press

Chapters in other books:

War, Four Christian Views, IVP, Ed. Clouse
Encounter with the Holy Spirit, Ed. Geo. R. Brunk II
Causes of World Hunger, Ed. Wm Byron
Perfect Love and War, Ed. Hostettler
Bible Prophecy, Paul Erb
A Cloud of Witnesses, Dr. J. C. Wenger
Perspectives on Peacemaking, Dr. John Bernbaum
Biblical Principles and Business, Dr. Richard Chewning
The Mennonite Pulpit, Paul Erb.
Christ the Liberator, IVP
Witnesses of the Third Way, Ed. Henry Schmidt
If I Had Only One Sermon To Preach, Ed. Richard Allen Bodey, Baker Pub.
A Reader’s Companion to Crossing the Threshold of Hope,response to Pope John Paul II
Articles in the Mennonite Encyclopedia
Articles in Baker’s Dictionary of Christian Ethics.

Articles in magazines and Journals, such as:

Christianity Today
The Gospel Herald
The Mennonite
The Mennonite Quarterly Review
The Asbury Seminarian
The Brethren in Christ Journal.


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