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Papers and Resources by Seminary Professors and Students

Feel free to use these in public settings such as worship, bible studies or Sunday school.
However, please give credit to the students and professors have created them.
It is plagerism to pass off someone else's work as your own.



The Super Bowl and Immoral Prayer- a brief devotional reflection by student Steve Carpenter on whether prayer can ever be immoral.

Mr Peg- Reflection by professor Jim Engle on the power of a name

Ethiopian Spice- Reflection by professor Jim Engle on translations from English, Amharic and Hebrew.

Paying My Dues to the Mountian: A Sabbatical Pilgrimage- Reflection by professor Dorothy Jean Weaver on visiting Mt Sinai.

Advent Meditation on Matthew 2:13-23- Reflection by professor Dorothy Jean Weaver, written while she was in Bethlehem in Nov. 2000

Scholarly Papers

A Christian Encounters the Teachings of the Buddha- a scholarly paper written by student Dan Umble. He lays out the basic tenents of Buddhism and then reflects how one might have an encounter with a Buddhist that is true to Christian faith, but understands the Buddhist worldview.

Reflection Paper on Christianity and Empire- a scholarly paper written for Christian Ethics by student Bill Huffman. It engages the essay "On the True Globalism and the False, or Why Christians Should Not Worry So Much About American Imperialism" written by Stephen Webb.

Communion—a brief historical/theological summary- Written by professor Sara Wenger Shenk

Sabbath at Home: A Practice for Opening the Gift of Time- Written by professor Sara Wenger Shenk

Practices for Nurturing Children for Faith- An outline for a workshop by the same title presented at the Mennonite Educators Conference September 22-24, 2005. Written by professor Sara Wenger Shenk

Stories of Deceptive Women in Genesis: Lot's Daughters, Rebekah, Tamar, Rachel- written by graduate Mary Jo Bowman for and Old Testament course on the Pentateuch.

Materials published on the Gospel of Mathew by Dorothy Jean Weaver- A bibliography of books, essays, book reviews and articles published by professor Dorothy Jean Weaver on the book of Matthew.

Dead Sea Scrolls, Da Vinci Code and the Gospel of Judas- a paper based on handouts created by professor Nancy Heisey for an School for Leadership Training workshop of the same name. The paper describes the process of the creation of the Bible.

The Ethics of Forgiveness: Applying a Jewish/Christian Paradigm to Cases of Harmful Medical Error- a scholarly paper on forgiveness and creating a better ethic of forgiveness within the medical field, written by 2007 graduate Mary Jo Bowman.

Camp Staff Curriculum Design- a method for designing curriculum for summer camping staff. This paper describes how to incorporate Jane Vella's work on educating adults into a camp staff training week. Written by student Linetta S.A. Ballew.

The Doctrine of Atonement- a paper written by student Shari Weaver on the doctrine of the atonement, including her own reflections.

Bible Study and Small Group Study Materials

Praying the Scriptures: Isaiah 61- a guide for using lectio divina, a way of praying scriptures, in a group. Written by graduate Mary Jo Bowman.

Praying the Scriptures: Psalm 31- a guide for using lectio divina with Psalm 31, written by graduate Mary Jo Bowman

Stories of Women in Luke's Gospel- a five lesson Bible study guide based on the women in Luke, written by graduate Mary Jo Bowman.

Individual and Group Spiritual Direction Guides- These are guides for both individual spiritual direction and small group spiritual direction. They were written for college-age women, but could be adapted to any group. Written by graduate Nan Kanagy

The Gospel: A Parable- Written by student Shari Weaver. This parable gives interesting insight into evangelism.

Teaching Sacramental Theology in a Mennonite Seminary: Descendents of John and Charles Wesley Engage Descendents of Menno Simons and Ulrich Zwingli and Live to Tell About It!- Written by professor Daniel L Garrett

Sermons and Worship Materials

Moses: God's Plan- a monologue for worship written by graduate Cindy Voth

Passover Sedar service- a description of and reflection on a passover service planned and led by student J. Mike Metzler. Also provides an annoted bibliography for those who might want to learn more.

Got God's Blessing- a short homily on Numbers 6:24-26 written by student Tamara Gill.

Confession and the Missional Church: A sermon on Psalm 51- an exegetical sermon about confession based on Psalm 51, written by graduate Mary Jo Bowman.

Good Friday Prayer Service- an outline/worship program for a Good Friday prayer service including stations of the cross, centering prayer and intercessory prayer suggestions, written by graduate Cindy Voth.

Redemption in Suffering- a sermon based on Job 19 written by graduate John Stahl

Book Reviews

Book Review of School(s) for Conversion: 12 Marks of a New Monasticism Edited by The Rutba House, Cascade Books, 2005- a thorough book review of the title book, outlinign the 12 marks of New Monasticism, written by Mary Jo Bowman.

Book Review of A Way Was Opened: A Memoir By Ruth Brunk Stoltzfus- a book review and reflection on the title book by former EMS professor Brenda Martin Hurst.

Book Review of Ordinary Resurrections: Children in the Years of Hope by Jonathan Kozol- a book review written for Sojourners by EMS professor Sara Wenger Shenk