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Join God in building people up to be a light to the nations

The Timothy Project is a result of the Culture of Call initiative begun by Mennonite Church USA. We hear continually that creating a Culture of Call in our Mennonite congregations is essential if we desire to meet the growing needs of our established, new, and yet-to-be formed congregations.

However, as pastors and church leaders we need materials and resources to help launch ourselves and our congregations into the missional future towards which God is calling us.

The Timothy Project has been designed as an aid to Mennonite congregations and leaders that have a desire to join God in calling, raising up and sending out ministers for the growing needs within our congregations and our world.

The Timothy Project will provide materials, resources and helpful suggestions that will assist you as you lead those in your congregation to discover their calling, direct that calling towards ministry and ultimately embody that calling on behalf of God and God’s people.

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