Eastern Mennonite University

Purpose: growing to understand one’s calling

Each suggested gathering has been planned for a purpose. Every activity, topic, choice of reading, and exercise is thoughtfully placed to help move the participant through the three stages of call so that they are able to take the steps of faith necessary to move forward in all that God has created them to be. The three stages as we have defined them are:

1. Discovering my called self,

2. Directing my calling towards ministry and

3. Embodying my ministry calling.

Below, you will find some overarching goals that provide focus in this program. This should also give you a basis for understanding the key elements in the program so that if you choose, you can use alternate materials that you purchase or create.

Your goal in the nine weeks of gatherings

Basically, you will be working to develop three aspects of awareness in the life of the participants. These areas overlap in the gatherings.

Stage 1 - “ Discovering my called self”

Stage 2 - “Directing my calling towards ministry”

Stage 3 - “Embodying my ministry calling”