Eastern Mennonite University


Personal testimonies of participants

We were privileged to have a wonderful group of participants during the first run of this program and they were generous enough to share with us their thought on the Timothy Project (called at that time Ministers in Training Program).

Chris Riddle Personal Testimony Video

Chris Riddle
Husband and father currently studying at Eastern Mennonite Seminary and exploring options on the mission field

Matt Yoder  Personal Testimony Video Matt Yoder
Single man currently serving as director of Peace House on James Madison University Campus
Belinda Beya  Personal Testimony Video Belinda Beya
Single woman working at Eastern Mennonite University
John Bell  Personal Testimony Video John Bell
Pharmacist, husband and father of four serving on Praise Fellowship Coordination team at Harrisonburg Mennonite Church
Kathy Rumer  Personal Testimony Video

Kathy Rumer
Divorced single mother serving God at work and in her community


Glen and Cheryl Zehr
Husband and wife now studying at Elim Bible college. No video available