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This site exists for the purpose of fullfilling two fuctions: 1) help alumnae and friends [faculty and staff] of the Kenya High School keep in touch, reminisce and know where friends from the good old days are and what they are up to lately; and 2) introduce the Kenya High School to people who may or may not have heard of it before.


Kenya High School (KHS) is an all girls secondary education institution located in Kileleshwa, Nairobi, Kenya. It was founded in 1908, originally known as European Girls' School. After Kenya gained independence in 1963, the school's name was shortly there after changed to the Kenya High School. Kenya high has for a long time been ranked among the best public high/secondary schools in Kenya, enjoying high and competitive enrollment from students of all walks of life in the country. Annual activities/ceremonies include a sports day in early spring [first term], parents' day in the summer [second term] and Speech day in the fall/autumn [third term].

The school's motto, servire est regnare -latin for to serve is to reign is on the KHS logo better known to the Kenya high community as the KHS badge.

Enrollment, Housing and Student Life

Kenya High School has an enrollment of about 900 students each year. The ten houses [dorms] are home to about 90% of these students for eight and a half months in a year. The minority of the student body are day-scholars [commuters], popularly known as "day-bags" to the KHS community. Each of the houses accommodates about 80 students; all from the four different class levels i.e. form one through form four. The houses are: Tausi[Huxley]/Sabaki[Cubbie], Chania[Beale]/Yala[Nightingale], Nyali[Mortimer], Suswa[Mitchell], Sagana[Hamilton]/Naivasha[Bronton], BP/Mara[Curie]. The symmetrical architectural design of the school has two houses in each building except for the two in the middle, which are home to one house each. There is a matron for every two houses that share a building except Nyali and Suswa. Besides the matrons, disciplinary actions in the dorms are up to the prefects -heads of houses [blue-rugs] and their deputies [red-rugs]. Besides the "blue-rugs" and the matrons, the principal and her deputy are the main disciplinarians. Although minimal, academically -faculty often have the upper hand in student discipline.


KHS has enjoyed a good standing among other schools academically, as gauged by the Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education [KCSE], a national exam undertaken by every fourth form student in the country. After grading, schools in the same caliber are pinned against each other, to which KHS has consistently ranked among the top for as long as the new education system 8-4-4 was instituted in 1986.




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