Augsburger Lecture Series

The Augsburger Lectureship provides resources to annually bring to campus a noted lecturer(s) to address pertinent topics in the area of Christian evangelism and mission for the stimulation and development of a vision for evangelism and missions for the students, faculty and staff of EMU.

March 25-26 2015 lectures

Nelson Okanya, Executive Director of Mennonite Missions

“An Embodied Witness” is the theme Nelson Okanya will bring to the campus community as guest for the Augsburger Lecture series in spring 2015.

Nelson Okanya is president at Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM). He was born and raised in the Mennonite community in Kenya, where he interacted with EMM mission community in Nairobi. He participated in numerous short-term cross-cultural mission experiences and is a 2002 MDiv graduate of EMS. Nelson served for almost six years as pastor of a multi-cultural; multi-national Capital Christian Fellowship near Washington D.C. Among his areas of interest is Anabaptist witness and mission; he is excited about unique mission opportunities and challenges in the 21st century. Nelson enjoys engaging in postmodern and inter-cultural dialogue with a special interest in the next generation and the church as narrative-formed transforming community.


Wednesday, March 25 at 10-10:30 a.m.
University Chapel: An Alternative Narrative
- Lehman Auditorium

Wednesday,March 25 4 p.m.
What needs to change? A Paradigm Shift in Missions engagement and implications for Western Mission Agencies
- Mainstage Theater

Thursday, March 26 at 11-11:45 a.m.
Chapel Gathering: Inspiring the Next Generation for Mission Engagement
- Martin Chapel (Seminary Building)

Thursday, March 26 at 12 noon
Lenten Lunch
- Seminary Building

Campus chapel services

The entire campus community is invited to every chapel worship service on campus. Eastern Mennonite Seminary hosts chapel gatherings in Martin Chapel every Tuesday and Thursday; EMU Campus Ministries hosts chapel gatherings every Wednesday and Friday in Lehman Auditorium. Specifics and occasional changes are noted in individual chapel listings.