Rec Sports Basketball Rules

Rec Sports basketball will be governed by the NCAA rules with the following exceptions, which apply to men and women:

Game Time

All games will be limited to two twenty-minute halves (running clock) with one five-minute half time. The clock will stop on each whistle during the last two minutes of the second half only. Any team that is not ready to play after ten minutes of the starting time will be forfeited. A warning will be issued at five minutes.

Number of Players

Teams are composed of five players. A team may start play with four players. A team may play with three players only if others have been injured during the game or have fouled out. Ejections that reduce a team to three players will result in forfeit. In “A “ league only two varsity or ex-varsity players may be on the court at one time and there may be only three varsity/ex-varsity players on the roster. There may not be any varsity or ex-varsity players in B league. A player is considered ex-varsity if he/she has competed at the college varsity level, in that sport, in the last five years.


A game will be forfeited if a team does not have the required number of players or plays an ineligible player. If a team forfeits two games during the season they are eliminated from further competition.
The officials and Rec Sports Staff will evaluate each team at the end of the game for sportsmanship. If a team receives two poor evaluations during the season it will be removed from the league. Two unsatisfactories will count as one poor.


Each team shall be allowed two time-outs per half, each lasting 45 seconds. There will be one time-out for each team if overtime is required.


Substitutions are allowed only on a dead ball. The official must wave the person into the game.


Games ending in a tie shall play a five-minute overtime to determine a winner. The clock will be stopped during the last minute of play. Double overtime will be one minute with the clock stopping on the whistle.

Delay of Game

Should a team intentionally delay the game the official may add time to the clock as well as assess a technical foul.


New players may be added until the mid point of the regular season. No player may change teams without the consent of the Rec Sports Coordinator. No player may play on more than one team per league


  1. Home teams will wear white shirts and away teams will wear dark. Home teams will be listed first on the schedule.
  2. The Rec Sports office will provide game balls. If both teams reach an agreement, another ball may be used.
  3. Head decorations, headwear, and any loose or dangling jewelry are illegal. Only elastic headbands will be permitted during the course of the game. Officials should advise team captains to inform their members to remove all jewelry and headwear before the game.


  1. Each team captain is responsible for the sportsmanship of his/her teammates. Bench and team technicals will be assessed to the team captain. A player who receives two technical fouls, two flagrant fouls or a combination of the two shall be ejected from the game. A team receiving three conduct technical fouls in any combination in one game shall result in a forfeit.
  2. Captains are responsible for their fan’s behavior. The captain will be assessed a technical for inappropriate fan behavior.
  3. Any physical contact deemed intentional and unsportsmanlike, as well as any verbal threats directed toward a game official or Rec Sports staff, will result in a minimum suspension for the rest of the season.
  4. Profanity of any type is strictly prohibited. Any use of profanity will result in a technical foul. A second use will be cause for ejection from the game.
  5. Respect for officials is expected at all times. Players showing disrespect will be given a technical foul.
  6. Two Poor evaluations for sportsmanship by the refs and the Rec Sports Workers will disqualify a team from the league. Two unsatisfactories equal one Poor.

Personal Fouls

A “one and one” situation will exist after the seventh personal foul for a team. After the tenth personal foul two shots will be awarded.

Blood Borne Pathogen Policy

Any player who sustains an injury where bleeding or oozing occurs must leave the court. The bleeding must be stopped and the area completed covered before the individual is allowed to reenter the game. The Rec Sports Staff must clear the individual before he/she resumes play. If the uniform has become contaminated with blood, it must be changed before the player reenters the game.