Softball Rules and Regulations

Intramural Softball will be governed by the American Softball Association rules.

Playing Field

  • The turf field will be used as the playing field for fall 2010 co-rec softball
  • Distance between bases is 65 feet. The pitching distance is 50 feet.
  • The black mat surrounding the turf field is considered to be out of play. Any ball hit over the mat (closest to Suter Science Center) or the bleachers and grey stand is considered a home run. Any hit ball that rolls over the mat is considered a ground rule double. The grey stand is considered in play, meaning any ball hit off the wall is playable.


  • Bats – only Rec Sports bats will be allowed. Penalty: Batter is out and play is dead. Any personal bat must be approved by a rec sports staff member prior to use. Any player using an altered bat will be called out and ejected from the game.

Players and Substitutions

  • Teams – Ten players constitute a team. Nine are required to begin a game and avoid a forfeit. There must be at least three females and not more than six males on the field at one time. Teams may bat 9, 10 or 11 players.
  • Males and females must alternate in the batting order. The only exception to this rule is if a team has five male and four females playing or six male and five female batters. In this case the first and last player in the batting order could be male and bat next to each other. This would not be the case with only three females as they would need to bat more often than their male counter parts.
  • Extra Player – A team may bat eleven players using the extra player rule. Players arriving late can only be added to the batting order if the team has not gone through the order once. Only 10 players are allowed on the field.
  • Substitutions/Re-entry – Free substitution provided an individual bats and fields at least one inning. If the team is unable to maintain nine players, the officials’ judgment will determine if the game is to continue. Players lost due to injury may be replaced with a legal substitute. If no substitute is available, the team takes an automatic out for that slot in the batting order. At no time can a team batting 11, go to 10 and not have an out recorded.

The Game

  • Regulation Game – All games will be limited to 7 innings or 50 minutes in duration. If a team fails to appear at the scheduled location within ten minutes of the scheduled time, the official will declare the contest a forfeit. A game will be considered regulation after 3 complete innings, and a 15 run mercy rule will be in effect after 3 innings, or a 12 run mercy rule will be in effect after 5 complete innings.
  • If a game is approaching the allotted time (50 minutes) and has yet to reach the 7 th inning, the official will determine whether or not to start a new inning. 10 minutes will be considered the stop time. (If a game has 10 minutes left a new inning will not be started.)

Pitching Regulations

  • Warm Up- New pitchers are allowed 8 warm up pitches to begin a game and one warm up pitch for each inning thereafter.
  • Legal Delivery – A ball must be delivered from a starting point below the hip, with a perceptible arc of 6 to 12 feet, with one foot in contact with the rubber at all times.
  • Illegal Pitch – Any pitch not meeting the legal delivery requirements shall be called an “illegal pitch” by the umpire. The pitch is still live and will act as a normal pitch if swung at or contacted by the batter.
  • No Pitch – No pitch shall be declared when the pitcher pitches during the suspension of play, the runner is called out for leaving the base too soon, the pitcher pitches before a base runner has retouched his base after a foul ball and the ball is dead, and when the ball slips from the pitcher’s hand during his windup or during the back‐swing.


  1. Strike Zone – Any pitched ball that crosses the plate and between the batter’s back shoulder and knees in normal batting stance.
  2. Third Strike – Foul on third strike is an out.
  3. Bunt/Chop Hit – bunting or chopping the ball is an out.
  4. Infield Fly – the infield fly rule is in effect. If a fair fly ball (not line drive) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when 1 st and 2 nd or 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd are occupied, the batter is automatically out and the ball is live.
  5. Five home run limit (over the fence). After that, an out will be declared.

Base Running

  1. The base runner may not leave to occupied base until the batter has made contact with the pitched ball. The official may warn the runner and team of leaving early. It will be left to the officials’ discretion if the runner will be called out for leaving the base too early.
  2. Sliding – Sliding is legal, but you MUST SLIDE DIRECTLY to the base. Any base runner that goes out of the base path and interferes with the defense will be ejected. Example: to break up a double play. SLIDING ON THE TURF IS NOT RECOMMENDED.
  3. Interference – any player who runs over a defensive player in legal position to play a ball will be called out and immediately ejected. The ball becomes dead immediately.
  4. Obstruction – the act of:
    a. A defensive players or team member who hinders or prevents a batter from striking or hitting a pitched ball.
    b. A fielder, who is not in possession of the ball, in the act of fielding a batter ball, nor about to received a thrown ball, which impedes the progress of a runner or batter‐runner who is legally running bases.
  5. Overthrows/Base awards – any overthrow from the infield or outfield which goes out of play will result in one (1) bases awarded from the position or runners at the time of the release.
  6. Stealing – IS NOT ALLOWED

Blood Borne Pathogen Policies

Any player who sustains an injury where bleeding or oozing occurs, or where blood has saturated the uniform, must leave or be removed from the contest. The bleeding must be stopped and the area completely covered before the individual is allowed to reenter the game. An Intramural staff member must clear the individual before the participant can resume play. If the uniform has become contaminated with blood, it must be changed before the player reenters the game.