Student Lecture Series

We are a recently formed student initiative to begin a formal lecture series at EMU. Our university provides students with a quality college education in an environment that fosters academic, social, and spiritual growth. As students, we appreciate the emphasis that EMU places on academic excellence. In addition, however, we believe that intellectual inquiry also takes place outside of classroom instruction and textbook reading.

The Student Government Association organized a committee to consider ways to encourage student discussion about current political, social, economic, and religious issues in our local, regional, national, and global contexts. This committee decided that students at EMU would greatly benefit from interaction with some of contemporary society’s great minds.

Since EMU is such a small learning community, a formal lecture series will greatly challenge and expand the worldviews of students and community members. This series will also provide a common experience for students, and will foster community discussions and dialogue about local, regional, national, and global issues.

This lecture series is both student-initiated and student-led, and will need the support of the wider EMU, Harrisonburg, and Mennonite Church communities. Due to the many expenses of bringing in prominent speakers and arranging formal settings for their presentations, the Student Lecture Series Committee will be doing extensive fund-raising over the next two years and in the future.

To contact the Student Lecture Series Committee to become involved, offer suggestions for future speakers, general comments, or for more information, please send an email to .