Sam Cole interned at Al Jazeera, one of the largest international news broadcasting agencies in the world. Bryan Cunningham (Biblical Studies) worked at the Servant-Leadership School, helping to organize community classes on faith and social justice. William Stutzman (History) undertook an archival project at the DC Historical Society. Anna Hershey (Biology) applied her interest in nutrition at the Capital Area Food Bank, where she taught kids about healthy eating and incorporated healthy recipes into food donations. Kelly Miller (History) worked on advocacy and U.S. foreign policy research at the Latin America Working Group. Alicia Best (Nursing) worked at DC's only midwife center, the Family Health and Birth Center. elby Miller (Digital Media) had a graphic design internship at Street Sense Newspaper, which is largely written by and about the homeless, and sold exclusively by homeless vendors. Lindsay Lehman (Business) worked at the American National Standards Institute, which sets international standards for products and services. Steven Stauffer (Photography) interned at The Washington Ballet. Fetsum Tibebu (Justice, Peace and Conflict Studies) interned at Asian American LEAD, an after-school program for Asian-American youth. Grace Engle spent part of her time as a classroom assistant in an inner-city 2nd-grade class. Brent Anders (Theatre) was an intern at the Washington Improv Theater, where he participated in improv classes and helped to run the business side of the theater. Jessica Sarriot (Peacebuilding and Development) did policy work at the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights. Susan Alexander (Digital Media) worked on the Graphic Design team at Bread for the World, a large non-profit located in the heart of downtown Washington. Shana Kennell (Social Work) worked with women with HIV and AIDS at The Women's Collective. Niclette Kibibi (Biology) interned at CARE International, a humanitarian organization that fights global poverty. Samantha Gangwer (Nursing) cared for patients at Christ House, a residential medical facility for the homeless. Andrew Crorken (Computer Science) worked at Community IT Innovators, providing computer tech support to one of their clients, a non-profit in Southeast DC.

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How do I apply for an internship?

  • WCSC faculty and staff will help you to find an internship in your major or an area of interest. We especially look for internships in culturally diverse settings, with organizations who are making a positive contribution to the community.
  • We generally make the initial contact at an organization and set up an interview for you at 1-3 possible placements. You should plan to come to DC for a day of interviews a few months before your term begins, and we generally accompany students on these meetings.
  • Some internships have their own application process, which may require a phone interview, an application, or a cover letter. Others do not have formal internship program and will not require anything beyond meeting you. In either case, we ask you to prepare a resume tailored for the internships you are pursuing.
  • Remember that we are not limited to the internships listed in our directory. Approximately 25% of internship placements each semester are brand new sites, as students often have specific interests that we are able to help them pursue.