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Intensive English Program

Intensive English Program

Many places in our world are torn apart because of cultural, national, or religious differences. In EMU’s Intensive English Program, we celebrate our diversity. We welcome strangers and make them feel at home.

What will my studies be like?

Students in our Intensive English Program (IEP) can focus full-time on their English classes, concentrating on building language skills through immersion in a new culture.

IEP students interact with classmates from around the world and with North American EMU students through the LILAC program. These cross-cultural encounters speed the learning process and create lifelong memories.

IEP students are usually planning on higher studies at EMU or another U.S. college or working to advance in their careers all over the globe. In a typical semester, IEP has some 60 to 80 students representing 15 to 20 different countries. Our students come from three of the world’s largest faith groups — Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists.

Highlights of our program

IEP staff have created an engaging, realistic, challenging and safe atmosphere for learning. As a former school teacher, I was thoroughly impressed by the thought that goes into the creation of your courses. The diversity of practice your students get makes me feel like you’ve thought of everything!

-Brenna Harker
Admissions Counselor
Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary

  • Individual attention: classes are small (usually 6-12 students), and tutoring is offered one-on-one or in small groups.
  • No TOEFL score required: we have our own placement test to ensure you’re in the right level (I-VI).
  • Computer equipment: our video/audio equipment and a computer lab will help you improve pronunciation, listening comprehension, reading, research, and written communication skills.
  • Earn 15 hours toward your EMU degree by completing Levels V and VI.
  • Start college with no TOEFL score required! Study at EMU, other Mennonite colleges in the U.S. or James Madison University based solely on the recommendation of IEP.