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Courses scheduled for upcoming semesters are listed below.
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Spring 2015

EDSL 581 Language and Culture (3 SH) ONLINE Michael Medley
Enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate ways in which culture and language influence each other. Surveys the basics of sociolinguistics and language policy through case studies from communities around the world. Includes a critical evaluation of the role of culture in the second-language classroom. Jan. 8 – Apr. 16 online

EDSL 571 Language Acquisition & Grammar (3 SH) ONLINE Tu Phillips
Explores current topics and issues in the study of language acquisition, language development, and grammar. Offers teachers practical ideas for teaching grammar in the context of today’s classroom. Jan. 14 – Apr. 14 online; $40 technology fee may apply

EDCC 531 Social and Ethical Issues in Education (3 SH) ONLINE
Examines educational and ethical values through discussion of case studies and current issues in education. Analyzes how public policy in education is shaped via the community’s social and ethical concerns. Jan. 14 – Apr. 14 online; $40 technology fee may apply

EDDS 611 Curriculum & Instructional Support for Special Education Students (3 SH) Nadine Larkin
(Blended course: on site [or WebEx] and online)
Addresses research and best practice in curriculum development, instructional planning and behavior management to support students with high incidence disabilities: cognitive (MR), learning (LD), and emotional needs (ED). Emphasizes culturally sensitive integration of students into family life, schools and community programs and services. TBA

EDLA 511 Literacy Assessment (3 SH) Tracy Hough
Focuses on assessment as the basis for instruction. Teachers will learn to administer multiple assessments to diagnose and document a student’s literacy development. Teachers will also examine the design and purpose of national, state and district assessments. (Prerequisite: EDLA 501 Foundations of Literacy or instructor’s permission.) Jan. 17, 31, Feb. 21, Mar. 7, 21, May 30 (Saturdays, 8:30am-4:30pm)

EDLA 581 Word Study (1 SH) Tracy Hough
(Blended course: on site and online)
Explores the development of orthographic knowledge of spelling. Provides hands-on experience in designing, implementing and assessing developmentally appropriate tasks for students’ needs in spelling phonics and vocabulary. TBA

EDCC 551 Action Research in Educational Settings (3 SH)
Examines quantitative and qualitative research studies that have impacted education. Presents action research theory and design so that students may apply action research to their individual programs. Prerequisite: Admission to Candidacy. TBA

Online Educational Technology Course Offerings*

*Course tuition is $250 per semester hour for the following Spring 2015 technology courses.

EDCT 531 Everything Google for the Classroom (3 SH) ONLINE Timothy Taylor
Explores standard and new Google tools that can be used in the classroom to assist with classroom management and instruction. Teachers will increase their knowledge using discussion threads, reflection papers, lesson plans involving the implementation of Google tools, and a course project where candidates use a Google tool for professional or student development or enhancement. Participants will collaborate on ways to use these tools to have the greatest positive impact in their classrooms. Participants should be comfortable with surfing the web. Jan. 14-Apr. 14 online

EDCT 611 Creating a Technology-Rich Learning Classroom (3 SH) ONLINE Timothy Taylor
Identifies, uses and evaluates technology resources in the context of designing and delivering instruction that is consistent with current best practices for integrating technology. The National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers will be referenced throughout the course. Jan. 14-Apr. 14 online

Please note that course work typically extends beyond the last class session.

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