MA in Education: Literacy/Reading Specialist

Practitioners concentrate on the study of literacy in a broader sense than traditionally encountered in schools of the past. Literacy is approached beyond reading and writing into integrated approaches for the development of communication, thought and interpersonal interaction. Emphasis is placed upon literacy programs from emergent to adult, integrated literacy instruction, literacy in community and family arenas and classroom assessment of literacy.

  1. Literacy concentration has six hours of elective options.
  2. Reading Specialist: Licensure as a reading specialist may be obtained with additional course work and a clinical practicum.

Literacy Curriculum and Course Plan

NOTE: Course requirements may change as the program evolves. Candidates are accountable for completing the program of study listed in the catalog for the year in which they entered the program.

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A. Program Core (12 hrs.)

[Early in program]

  • EDCC 501 Creating Cultures of Change (3 hrs.)
  • EDCC 521 Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution (3 hrs.)
  • EDCC 531 Social & Ethical Issues in Education (3 hrs.)

[Later in program]

  • EDCC 551 Action Research in Educational Settings (3 hrs.) (Prerequisite: Admission to Candidacy)

B. Concentration Area (15 hrs. required + 6 hrs. electives = 21 hrs.)

  • EDLA 501 Foundations of Literacy (3 hrs.)
  • EDLA 511 Literacy Assessment (3 hrs.)
  • EDLA 521 Integrated Literacy Instruction (3 hrs.)
  • EDLA 531 Literacy in Community and Family Arenas (3 hrs.)
  • EDSL 581 Language and Culture (3 hrs.)
  • Electives (6 hrs.) chosen from other MA in Education concentrations

C. Reflective Practice (3 hrs.)

  • EDPC 611 Action Research Project: Literacy (3 hrs.)
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